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  You have arrived at the officially popular U.K. site of British alternative guitar music band - Y ES Y ES HARRY B0NANZA. Be warned that those who suffer from a nervous disposition may find some of the sounds on this site to be of a loud and exciting nature. Should feelings of faintness be experienced, assume a horizontal position for a minimum of 20 minutes. Seek medical help if symtoms persist.

For those who are musically fit, please feel free to wander round and make yourself at home - checkout the free music and cool mp3 downloads (link), peruse the images of live gigs and study the chequered rock band history. However, please note that due to unsigned technical difficulties ( of a power nature ) visitors will currently have to provide their own tea and coffee .. yeah ! Expression of the day: Old Skool Indie-pendent.



Two tracks off the bands latest EP have been selected by Radio 1 DJ Steve Lamacq to appear on the OneMusic website. Marks and Spencer Ready Meal and Guru Guvnor can be found at Tracks that get a good reaction from users may receive airplay on Radio 1 so if anyone wants to log in and give us a high rating / glowing revue then we certainly won't complain !  


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