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Dadonghai Beach

Sanya Guide

Sanya is a popular tourist destination and busy port on the southern tip of Hainan.

The city is the most southerly point of China and as such is known as "the remotest cape of the earth". The immediate area provides visitors with several popular places of interest.

Yalong Bay

Located about 20 kilometers east of Sanya, Yalong Bay is a beautiful 7km crescent shaped stretch of beach backed by verdant green hills.

The clear waters make it an ideal place for diving and as the area is a protected marine reserve tropical fish are plentiful. The Bay has excellent facilities which include restaurants, golf courses, a museum, a butterfly garden and walking paths.

The Tianya Haijiao

The end of Heaven and the corner of the sea is the literal translation from Chinese of this popular tourist resort. The Tianya Haijiao is named after the impression visitors had of the huge expanse of sea and sky at this the most southerly part of China.

There are a series of huge rocks on the beach of which the largest is some 10 meters high by 60 wide. This rock is inscribed with the Chinese characters ?ian Ya (End of Heaven) on one side and Hai Jiao (Corner of the Sea) on the other.

Dadonghai Beach

Situated 3km from Sanya center the cresent shaped Dadonghai Beach easily accessable from the city although this does mean that it is often busy. Facilities are good and include water sports, restaurants and bars.

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