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Reed Flute Cave

Guilin Guide

Guilin is one of the most stunning areas of China and a must see tourist destination surrounded by lush limestone karsts, tranquil lakes and splendid caves.

The city is sited in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and extends over an area of just 565km with an urban population of around 1.2 million.

Guilin was founded during the Han Dynasty, some 2000 years ago, and acquired its current name in 1940 having previously been an important base for Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Northern Expeditionary army in 1921. With attributes such as its pleasant climate, good accommodation and transport links the area is in the top 40 Chinese tourist attractions for a good reason.

Li River

Stretching for 437Km the Li River is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Visitors can take the 80km boat trip down the river which lasts around 6 hours and so enjoy the crystal clear waters as they wind through the lush green mountains. Starting from Guilin the voyage finishes at Yangshuo via Huangniu Xia (valley) and Shuiluo Village.

Elephant Trunk Hill

Sited at the confluence of the Taohua and Lijiang Rivers the Elephant Trunk Hill is so named because of its resemblance to an elephant drinking water with its trunk.

The eyes of the elephant are formed by caves half way up the hill. A larger cave located between the legs and the trunk is known as the "Moon over Water Cave" as it appears to be a silver moon looking down upon the river.

Reed Flute Cave

Located in the northwestern part of Guilin, 7km from the city, the Reed Flute Cave is found in the middle of Guangming Mountain and is 240 meters deep by 500 meters long.

The name derives from the reeds growing outside the entrance which resemble a host of flutes. Inside can be found an array of stalagmites, stalactites plus pillars, curtains and flowers of stone. Also, the interior is decorated in murals of which some, dating back to the Tang Dynasty, have been well preserved.

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