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Visitors to this China travel guide will be able to browse information on some of the most popular Chinese destinations including history, pictures and attractions.


China is a country of extremes. From the soaring modern metropolis of Shanghai and the ancient heritage of Beijing to the barren wastes of the Gobi desert.

In recent years the Chinese government has eased its political policies to allow a greater economic freedom which has led to huge commercial and cultural changes.

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  Travel and tourism have been major beneficiaries   and allowed a growing group of travelers to gain   first hand experience of this vast and mystical   land.

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Beijing and surrounding area

Guides to some of the most popular destinations in China are featured on this site and each listing contains a selection of the top tourist attractions. Highlights for the capital, Beijing, include the solemn experience of the Forbidden City, the nearby colossal monument that is the Great Wall and the relaxing serenity of the Summer Palace.

Other places to visit

China Map
  The rest of China also yields many rich experiences. In Xi'an,   the ancient capital of China, the Terracotta Warriors are the   probably the most important archaeological find of the 20th   century.

  The Bund in the ultra-modern city of Shanghai is a vivid   reminder of foreign influence on China's past whilst the lesser known provincial capital of Chengdu hosts the only Giant Panda Breeding Research Base.

The above China map should be useful when gauging distances between various places of interest.


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